Dual Language Immersion Program (DLIP)

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    番茄社区's Dual Language Immersion Program enables students to master academic subjects in both English and a target language (Spanish, Mandarin, or French). The program is based on a two-way, 90:10, language immersion model. Two-way means that classrooms are composed of both native English speakers and native speakers of the target language, so students can support each other in their development of both languages. The 90:10 model signifies that the kindergarten curriculum is taught 90% in the target language and 10% in English. At each subsequent grade level, the amount of instruction in English is increased by 10% so that by fourth grade, students are taught 50% in each language. In middle school, two courses are taught in the target language. High schools offer one or two courses in the target language. 

    番茄社区 additionally offers Armenian and Spanish world language and culture programs.

    Dual Language Immersion preschool and transitional kindergarten are available at select sites. 

    PRE-K-12 language programs are offered at these schools (view in PDF):
    PRE-K-12 Language Programs, Road Map to High School
    Dual Language Road Map


    Want to Learn More?

    Dual Language Immersion is rigorous and research-based. Read about how the program works and discover its benefits.

    Apply through 番茄社区's Open Enrollment process. Families outside of 番茄社区 boundaries may also apply to attend. Find out .


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