• To log on, go to:

    The "Parent Portal" is now also the "Student Portal," available for students to use, not just parents and guardians. The Portal contains grades, homework and classroom assignments and attendance details. Use the Portal to find out where you stand and track your progress to raise your grades! 

    The Parent Portal is also known as the Aeries Parent Portal because Aeries is the student information system used by Pasadena Unified School District. Parents and students access the same Aeries information posted by the school. The Portals are named "Parent" and "Student" because it is a different process for parents than for students to begin using it.

    Each student must do a one-time activation of his or her account, and after that will be able to go online and log in anytime. The only information a student needs is 1) the student's 番茄社区 email address and 2) the student's 番茄社区 email address password.

    Detailed instructions are here on how to activate your student account.

    The district website also has thorough information on the Student Portal and Parent Portal.

    Parents still needing a passcode to use the  should contact Ms. Sanchez. Please see here for what information to include with your request. If you encounter technical issues, please report these to