Degrees and Certifications:

Norayr Daduryan

Mr. Daduryan was born in Istanbul. He studied Philosophy in his native city. Prior to joining Blair High School, he taught Armenian Language and Literature at Armenian private high schools. Besides teaching, he has also enjoyed being the coordinator and guide for Junior class summer Armenia trips, focusing on language immersion and cultural discovery. His teaching philosophy is student-centered, and it includes finding metaphors in literary pieces, including studies of fine arts and music in order to better understand them. Mr. Daduryan is also a columnist in two Armenian newspapers, where he writes weekly Armenian word etymology stories. It is his hobby to translate poems, collect antiquarian books, and collect old postcards with handsome hand writings. His favorite sports are swimming, volleyball, and table tennis. He is happy to join to the Viking team (He has actually seen two medieval Viking boats on exhibit and is very familiar with Norse mythology since his childhood). He has no doubt that the Armenian Academy at Blair High School will bring more international flavor to the Blair family and is delighted to lead it, and we would like to share all the best the Armenian culture and history (as well as cuisine) he can offer with the Blair community.