Associated Student Body

  • Welcome to the Blair Associated Student Body

    The student government or Associated Student Body, is known as the "ASB." ASB is made up of class and board officers that are elected each year and exhibit leadership qualities.  We meet 2-3 times a week before school to plan schoolwide activites and events. Some of our activities include dances and assemblies. With representatives from each grade level, in addition to some from the many programs at Blair, we do our best to represent the student body  and strive to make the year successful and fun. The Associated Student Body welcomes ideas and suggestions from the general student body. Each year there are two elections to fill the positions of the ASB. A general election is held in May for new members in the upcoming year, and there is another in September to fill any remaining positions. An average grade of "C/S" in both Academic and Citizenship is required. 

    Support Student Activities By Buying An ASB Card

    ASB Cards are available to all Blair students. A Blair Viking's ASB student body card is a passport to the whole activity program at Blair, and we encourage you to purchase one. At $40, the ASB card provides a real bargain in fun, entertainment, and social activity. The ASB card can save you a lot of money by providing free admission to all Rio Hondo League games in which Blair participates, and providing discounts to dances and other school activities. The sale of ASB cards pays for our student activities program at the school, so is an important way to support Blair. ASB card can be obtained at Viking Days registration, or from the ASB Bookkeeper throughout the year. If you lose your card, you must pay a $5 fee for a duplicate. If you loan your card to another person, it will be taken away, and another one will cost the original price. ASB cards take the form of an emblem printed on your student ID at registration, or a sticker added to your ID card. The ASB Bookkeeper, Ms. Chong, is available at the Student Store.


    Any questions?  Please contact ASB Advisor